How it Works


At Property Solutions Direct, we can help you sell house quickly without fretting about it. We understand how worried you can be when your house isn’t selling and the debts are soaring continuously. Regardless of where your house is located in Australia, we buy houses fast and easy to give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

Your real estate problems will no longer be an obstacle to peaceful living since we buy houses for cash when you intend to sell house fast.


We Buy Houses Fast


It really doesn’t matter to us what condition your house is in or what area your property is in, we will understand your need to sell house fast and help to find the right solution for you.

The most common reasons why so many people turn to us include:

  • Had no success trying to sell house with real estate agents
  • Don’t want to pay costs and commissions of real estate agencies
  • Losing money on negatively geared property
  • Making mortgage payments on a house that is not being sold
  • Financial stress
  • Mortgage difficulties
  • Fear of facing foreclosure
  • House badly needs repairs
  • You are being transferred/relocating to another area
  • Having to deal with bad tenant issues
  • Bank debt to be paid exceeds the property value
  • Urgently require cash
  • Vacant property costing you money
  • Property purchased off the plan
  • Fire, flood or other damage
  • Unwanted property inherited
  • Divorce




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Frequently Answered Questions


What differentiates Property Solutions Direct from real estate agents?

Real estate agents list your property in the real estate market when you plan to sell it and this might be a lengthy process before it takes time to be sold. Moreover, you are required to pay advertisement costs (regardless of selling status) and commission to these agents (once sold).

On the other hand, Property Solutions Direct has its own network of professional real estate owners that will buy houses immediately on market rates giving you instant cash. The best part is we do not charge you any commission!


Will I be under any obligation if I fill out your form?

You will not be under any sort of obligation. One of our real estate investors will contact your for an assessment of your property details once you fill out the form.

What do you do with the details that I submit?

The information that you provide is confidential and is only used for selling your house. It will be used for providing you with updates and receiving your feedback.

Will you purchase my property in the current condition?

Regardless of the condition of your house, we are ready to purchase your house without imposing any maintenance clauses.


Can I sell my house quick without any commissions?

At Property Solutions Direct , you can sell house fast without paying any commissions at all.

How much will I receive upon selling my house to you?

We buy homes based on the fair market prices of the real estate market, house location and condition of the house. You don’t have to be worried since we won’t buy your house cheap but rather provide you with a win-win solution.


How can Property Solutions Direct help me when I am unable to make repayments or face foreclosure scenario?

Our investors will work with you to come to an agreed upon solution. We will consider your house in any situation and condition.

What types of property does Property Solutions Direct buy?

We purchase all types of residential properties such as houses, town houses, apartments etc. However, we do not purchase any commercial property.

Will you sell my home quick?

After you have completed the form, our real estate investors will contact you within 24 hours and if you are willing to sell, we could buy your house that day.

Who uses the services provided by Property Solutions Direct?

Our services are used by:

  • Anyone who wants to sell a house fast
  • Anyone who is unable to sell his/her property through agents
  • Anyone who is not willing to pay commissions or other fees
  • Anyone who is moving and wants to sell his/her property
  • Anyone who is likely to face foreclosure or is unable make repayments
  • Anyone who wants to get rid of a vacant house
  • Anyone wanting to turn negative gearing into a positive chasflow




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Why Choose Property Solutions Direct


Here’s what a Handful of Our Clients had to Say…


The Robinsons

We had intended to sell our house for a long time and had contacted several real estate agents to help us with that. After months of staying idle, we found it was difficult to find a suitable buyer. There was no point to keep on relying on real estate agents for the sale.

We wished we could have found out about Property Solutions Direct sooner, so that we would not have gone through the stress of trying sell our house. After finding them on Google, we were able to sell our house for the price we wanted in 24 hours.



We had just purchased a block of land that we planned to build on. However, after trying unsuccessfully to sell our house (for the price we wanted) with real estate agents we found that we needed to try something different. I came across Property Solutions Direct on the internet and contacted them to help us out.

After seven months with 2 real estate agencies, the property that I had listed had still not been sold. With the help of Property Solutions Direct, I was able to sell my property within a week.

Although we were unfamiliar with the way that the Property Solutions Direct systems worked. We found that, after our lawyer reviewed their legal proposal, it was actually a very fast, easy and secure way of selling our house.



I have a portfolio of several investment properties. When I decided to sell one of them I had trouble finding an agent that could get me a buyer that was willing to pay what I wanted to sell it for.

It took me a long time to realise that the standard way of selling a house wasn’t working for me. The team at Property Solutions Direct was able to give me the price I wanted within a week. Thanks to Property Solutions Direct, I am at peace now since I was so frustrated trying to get the right price.



We were in deep financial crises and found it hard to maintain our huge house that we had built with so much love. Selling our home was our last resort. But we found it very difficult to strike a deal in our best interests. We then heard of Property Solutions Direct and contacted them to relive our stress burden. We were quite pleased at how quickly our house was sold and received instant cash. Once the property was sold, we were relieved both emotionally and financially.

I would truly recommend Property Solutions Direct if you seek to sell house fast for the following reasons:

  • Managed by people who really care.
  • Professional advice in our best interests.
  • Constant communication and updates on a daily basis.
  • Relieved from the stress involved with banks and paperwork.
  • Quick sales and full support from the team.



My life wasn’t the perfect dream that I wanted. I had just lost my job and my car was seized. I was amidst a financial struggle and had listed my house for sale. Months passed by but my house remained unsold. I was referred to Property Solutions Direct by a close friend as a caring team that would help sell my house quickly. They directly bought my home for cash and I felt as if I had been relieved.

I paid out all my outstanding bills and no longer was weighed down by monthly installments and deadlines. The entire sale was taken care of within a week without any hassle. I can now move on to plan my future.


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About Us

Property Solutions Direct  is not a team of real estate agents who attempt to sell your house for you in exchange for a cut. We are an experienced group of real estate investors who understand your need to sell house fast. We buy houses for cash irrespective of the condition of your house or the area in which you are selling.

At Property Solutions Direct, all your real estate problems are solved in your best interests. We will help you settle your deal quickly. It’s time to get rid of the stress involved in selling a house and consider letting us make you a fair offer.

Property Solutions Direct offers personalized solutions for each client based on their needs. We directly purchase your house from you immediately without charging any commission or fees. You no longer have to wait for months before you can sell your property. Our networks of real estate investors buy houses fast and easy. With Property Solutions Direct, you will be surprised with the options you have for the future.


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