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Looking for a place to sell your house privately? If yes then visit Sellmyhousequickly.com.au, we can help you to sell house quickly without fretting.

At Property Solutions Direct, we can help you sell house quickly without fretting about it. We understand how worried you can be when your house isn’t selling and the debts are soaring continuously. Regardless of where your house is located in Australia, we buy houses fast and easy to give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

Your real estate problems will no longer be an obstacle to peaceful living since we buy houses for cash when you intend to sell house fast.

We Buy Houses Fast


It really doesn’t matter to us what condition your house is in or what area your property is in, we will understand your need to sell house fast and help to find the right solution for you.

modern homeThe most common reasons why so many people turn to us include:

  • Had no success trying to sell house with real estate agents
  • Don’t want to pay costs and commissions of real estate agencies
  • Losing money on negatively geared property
  • Making mortgage payments on a house that is not being sold
  • Financial stress
  • Mortgage difficulties
  • Fear of facing foreclosure
  • House badly needs repairs
  • House needs renovation, upgrading, solar power installation etc etc
  • You are being transferred/relocating to another area
  • Having to deal with bad tenant issues
  • Bank debt to be paid exceeds the property value
  • Urgently require cash
  • Vacant property costing you money
  • Property purchased off the plan
  • Fire, flood or other damage
  • Unwanted property inherited
  • Divorce